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Looking Ahead

           Sunday Worship times: 8:45 a.m., 10:00 Sunday School, 11:00 Contemporary Worship

Bible Study Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. (will not meet Feb 17)

Bible Study Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

Xtreme Faith youth group will not meet Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. because Ash Wednesday Service is 7:00 p.m. at Westminster. Our part will be special music- contact Pastor Dave to join in singing.


           Thank you to those who have paid their Per Capita of $26.27. This amount for each member is sent to the Presbytery from our general fund. Your re-imbursement is greatly appreciated.


           Camp Brochures are under the mailboxes, and the poster is hanging in the entryway. There are new camps being developed for all ages that you can also check out at the new Camp website at www.pioneerrimrock.camp Sign up now for the early bird discount!


           The Deacons have an Easter Gift for each family. Feb. 22 is the first Sunday of Lent and the Deacons will be handing out the first piece of this collection during worship. When you come each Sunday of Lent another piece will be given out to add to the arrangement. We are very thankful to Jim Thuringer for his wood crafting skills and helping with this project, and for each Deacon for their contributions.

Do you have any ideas for outreach, ways that we might connect with people outside Wild Flower and bring encouragement in their lives through worship and the groups of our church?


            The Sermon Sunday is “Transforming Jesus” from II Kings 2:6-12- Elijah taken up into heaven in a whirlwind along with chariots of fire; and Mark 9:2-9- Transformation of Jesus in heavenly glory

“A cloud overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud, ‘This is my beloved Son, listen to him.’” Mark 9:7.

 Women of Faith is having a simulcast event titled Unwrap the Bible. Free tickets are available to attend the event at Faith United Church in Brandon Feb 20 7:30-9:00 pm and 8 am to 12:30 pm on Feb 21. Call 605-582-6788. You can click the “Play the Video” tab at http://www.womenoffaith.com/events/unwrap-bible-2015/#event_table for a hint of what the event will be like. Thousands of women will gather once again in one place for one purpose . . . to unwrap the life-changing promises of the Bible. Through in-depth Bible teaching and transformational worship, you’ll be equipped and challenged to apply the truth of Scripture to your daily life. Uncover some of the most incredible treasures found in the Scripture at Unwrap the Bible. This is something that everyone who possibly can should take advantage of! Call today.


Around Church this Week:

           Xtreme Faith Youth started selling a fundraiser in the form of discount cards. We hope you will buy one and tell others about it. #1- it is a fundraiser for Wild Flower youth ministry, you can think of it as a donation to the work. #2- it is an investment for you that will yield positive returns. If you use this card to for things you would do anyway- pizza, KFC, A & W, oil changes, tires, etc. – you will make a profit.

Xtreme Faith youth group was not able to go ice skating on Sunday, so they played games inside and those gathering early for the movie (we had 36 gather to watch Heaven Is for Real) got to enjoy some of their fun.


Hands and Feet Project: Brenda Hansel stopped on Tuesday to let Leola know that a couple of notes responding to cards she had written through the Cards of Compassion program for Hospice patients would be read on KNWC radio 96.5 on Tuesday morning about 7:30 a.m. You can get involved by cutting off the fronts of greeting cards (or just drop them at the office and they can be cut with the paper cutter). They also need card making supplies, colored card stock and paper, colored ink pads, card stock adhesive tape, and other things to make cards. Volunteers will gather Fri. Feb 27 between 11 am and 11 pm to make cards.

You can join with other crafters on Friday, Feb 27, 11 am-11:00 pm at R Scrapbook Store (Sioux Falls) 3709 W. 41st St. Suite #4, (near Guitar Center), (605)338-7502 to make cards.

You are invited to be a part of bringing hope to individuals and families experiencing hospice care. Cards of Compassion gives you an opportunity to recycle and repurpose your old used greeting cards for caregivers to use on various occasions with their patients.

February is Heart Month, and many patients in hospice care are experiencing end stage heart failure. As the Compassionate Care Hospice team works with the patient and their family, they are able to continually show compassion and love with the special, tender care and services that they provide.

One of the tools they use is handmade greeting cards.

A little card or greeting means the world to a person who is in hospice care.

Volunteers create the greeting cards using donated materials. Cards for all occasions—birthdays, holidays (except Christmas), or just well wishes are used. Scrapbookers and Stampers especially enjoy expressing their creative flair when making cards.

           On Friday, February 27, you can join others in an all-day drop-in Craft Party at R Scrapbook Store making cards for the hospice program! The event will take place at the store from 11:00am to 11:00pm. All supplies needed (the donations!) will be on hand for volunteers to use for creating a variety of cards for all occasions. We’ll have treats, too, so bring a friend, your kids (preferably age 10 and up), or anyone else who loves crafting.

The mission of Compassion Care Hospice is to reach out to people and affirm life in its final stages by providing care to any patients and their families with a need. The personalized, one on one help provided by the staff puts families at ease with their kindness and often enables patients to remain in the comfort and privacy of their own homes with their loved ones.


Chuckle: “The One whose throne is in heaven sits laughing. . . .” (Psalms 2:4)

God’s Many Names

One day my four-year-old son asked me about God’s name. I explained God had many names including Father, Lord, and Jehovah. After listening to my long explanation, my son asked, “Can I just call him Steve?”

—Vicki Crooks, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Christian Reader, “Kids of the Kingdom.”

Birthdays this Week:

13 Joan Reich
13 Norma Bonnes
17 Marcia Hoiland


Prayer Thought:

           This week I came across an interesting idea- to use our social media connections for prayer. I thought about how I might do so and posted a note on my Facebook page asking if any of my friends had something they would like to lift up together in prayer. I was surprised how God used that simple posting. I had requests and responses that I would not have imagined, and it greatly expanded my prayer commitments as I have spent more time with God as a result. You might give it a try for yourself.

             Please keep in prayer: Leona Kinsey; Eldora Hayes; Joyce Gries; Nicole Stoll; Dale Klutman; For Arlene Lewis, Pete and Dolores Van Regenmorter– pray for balance, core strength and protection from falls.


We aren’t planting a new church, but we are challenged to reach out to others, so there may be some ideas in this article to challenge us. Just insert the thought of “growing our church” when he talks about planting new churches:

Revitalizing Denominations Through Church Planting

Church planting is crucial to church health and revitalization. by Ed Stetzer


From 1795 to 1810 the Baptists and the Methodists planted 3,000 churches in 15 years on the western frontier: Kentucky and Tennessee. But today, Methodists and Baptists are declining.

Now many different denominations are seeking to recapture that passion. Of the denominations in decline, the ones that have a chance at growth will embrace a church planting focus.

Even mainline denominations are asking how to engage in church planting.

I was recently with some mainline denominational leaders and was asked how they might accelerate their church planting focus:

If you are a part of a mainline church and recognize this need for change, first I would say, don’t be afraid to look into movements very different from your own. Maybe these movements are different for a good reason, and you should recognize that reason.

Learn from people who have planted churches. That can be of tremendous help. But don’t fail to relearn the history of your own movement. You have to know where you are and how you got there.

Sadly, only 3% of Protestant churches have said that they have accepted direct financial responsibility for a new church as its primary sponsor within the last year. There’s not a whole lot of church planting going on.

Keeping an institution alive is not a bad thing; it’s just not enough. To merely sustain a denomination, it needs to plant at a 3% rate. More and more mainline denominations are moving toward that three percent.

It’s the difference between a preservationist approach and a propagationist approach.

There’s a place for preservationists, but what a denomination really needs is more propagation—the gospel being propagated and churches being congregated.

Keeping an institution alive is not a bad thing; it’s just not enough. The gospel has to be proclaimed and churches need to be planted.

Initiating Change for the Good of the Church – How does this change happen?

For mainline denominations, there’s a certain level of desperation needed. And, statistically, there actually should be some desperation—things are not going well in mainline world.

Also, mainline denominations needs to become aware of the phenomenon of church planting among Protestants. And it’s not just about awareness. They need to recognize it’s the way forward. After all, it’s how such denominations came to be in the first place.

In today’s world, we can’t just wait for people to show up to our historic buildings.

But in order to embrace a church planting mindset, a couple of adjustments need to take place in some mainline denominations.

First, church planters must be welcomed. The old guard tends to reject unfamiliar terminology and is therefore suspicious of church planters, so try to keep things simple and focused.

Most church planters will be evangelicals—and some mainline denominations will be suspicious of evangelicals. But, church planting—by its very nature—is planted in the soil of lostness.

Church planters reach unchurched people. Unchurched people are mostly unevangelized people. Unevangelized people need evangelism. Church planters need to be evangelists. Evangelicals are passionate about evangelism.

If you are going to plant evangelistic churches, you will need evangelicalistic people. If you don’t have them, you don’t need to plant a whole lot of churches anyway.


Eternally Blessed,    

Pastor Dave Ullom <*}}}<.

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