S.D. Senior Games

I am giving thanks for being able to compete in the S.D. Senior Games in Aberdeen this week.20160826_1st2Golds

In my first two events, jumping rope for 2 minutes and jumping for 3 minutes, I earned gold medals for the highest number of jumps. It doesn’t sound like it would be that hard, but I discovered when I was training over the last six weeks that it is a real challenge 1) not to miss and 2) to keep going at a sustained pace for the full time.

This is my first time competing in these events, and I learned that those who are serious about the competition change from their regular tennis shoes to ones with smooth soles so as not to snag the rope on the treads, and that there are competition style ropes that have a narrower diameter and handles that prevent the “rope” from twisting.

Gives me room to improve for next year, as I am looking forward to the competition being in Sioux Falls for the next two years. My hope is to participate in more events with things in my own back yard and being able to participate for the whole three days.

I have competed in some other events, but they happen over a range of time, so I won’t know how I finished until the results are posted. Unfortunately, I am now competing with a handicap after pulling a quadriceps muscle while competing in the high jump. You might wonder why I am doing the high jump as I need to lose some pounds to do better, but I tend to surprise people.

I noticed the pull right away as I was trying to give a bit extra on my 2nd missed attempt at 3’8″. (For anyone who thinks that doesn’t sound like much – and it doesn’t – I challenge you to give it a try.) I noticed the effect from my first step in the 400 meter race walk, and It slowed me down some. At this point I don’t know how I finished as they lumped all age groups together in a mass start due to the rain showers that were falling and trying to conclude events as soon as possible. There were a few who finished ahead of me, but I don’t know if any were in my age category.

The long and the short of it is that I am having fun, and the exercise has been good for me as I have trained to compete.

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