Family Christmas

The biggest blessing of the 2017 Christmas season was having all 4 of the boys and their families together on Saturday, December 24,  to share our Christmas meal and open presents. It was a great way to break in our new home in Estherville. Josh set up his camera to snap a family picture before the scattering began to happen.

It was great to have Mat and Josh arrive Thursday night, driving through snow and road conditions as I did myself in coming home from officiating a wrestling meet in Humboldt that night. We all arrived within a few minutes of 11:00 p.m. Nate had been up Thursday night and continued to move snow through the day and needed to sleep before coming. Ben had to work around his work at the Pen.

Josh headed out Christmas Eve after three days of schooling Mat, Noah and Levi on the X-Box. Mat and Nate stayed through the weekend and headed home on Tuesday, although Nate and Amber had to suffer through two nights with little sleep as Kyler came down with Strep Throat which took them to the Emergency Room at the hospital after we opened presents.

I was able to take Noah, Levi, Aliyah and Lance sledding on the hill south of my alfalfa field on Friday and Saturday mornings. We had a lot of fun in spite of the colder temperatures and breezes.

We got to enjoy a couple new board games and, of course, a couple nights of Pinochle to go along with football games to watch and never ending quantities of great food!

My only regret was my decision not to take Noah and Levi out to burn branches that had blown down in my windbreak. After a day of working to install our new electric fireplace in the living room and microwave in the kitchen (a lot more work than I would have imagined), I thought it was too cold out, so I did it myself after they all went home. It was a lot more work for me picking up branches and they missed out on the fun of tossing them in the fire, and the S’Mores we would have enjoyed.

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