Spiritual Lessons from the Rooftop

I was invited to write another article for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. It is always challenging to effectively develop a thought with a 500 word limit, but here is what I submitted: Wild Flower Presbyterian Church replaced shingles in August. Wind had been ripping shingles off and the work of renewing our protection from … [Read more…]

My Results – SD Senior Games

On Friday and Saturday, September 5-6, 2014 I competed in the SD Senior Games in Rapid City. My main goal was to qualify for the National Senior Games that will be in Saint Paul in 2015. The ulterior motive is also to be able to visit #3 son, Josh and his family next summer in … [Read more…]

Roof Blessings

The roof at wild Flower Presbyterian Church has been a problem for years and we knew we would soon have to replace the shingles. And then in June we had a storm with hail and high winds. The net result was that our insurance settlement will cover the cost of new, upgraded shingles that are … [Read more…]

Advice to a Bride and Groom

I was asked to submit an article for the From the Pulpit column of the Argus Leader. The most difficult thing about such a task is to be able to say something substantive while under a 500 word limit. Here is what I wrote: I had the honor of conducting a wedding in Baton Rouge, … [Read more…]

Happy π(pi) Day!

While this celebration is usually left to mathematicians or those who are looking for some kind of legitimate excuse to eat pies (yumm my mouth waters for Sour Cream Raisin Pie just thinking about it). (I love both versions of my favorite pie) I paused to contemplate how this elusive, non-repeating number is similar to … [Read more…]

David and the Giant

No, this isn’t the Bible story, but I enjoyed thinking about the comparison. After assessing damage at Rimrock Camp in the Black Hills, our insurance carrier recommended we take down a large tree that was very close to Ecklund Lodge to prevent the possibility of catastrophic damage. A professional tree removal company gave us a … [Read more…]