shake, rattle, and roll

shake the heavens, the earth, the sea, the dry lands – shake them until your peace covers creation like a carpet of autumn leaves, and your hope burns bright in the night skies of our lives;

Marty Moulton

Heading for Algona, IA to lead in a funeral worship and sing after the passing of a friend and one of the special people in this world. Marty was a unique and creative person whose life was cut short so very quickly by cancer. At times the things that he said or drew in cartoons … [Read more…]

Baking Bread

Kneading dough is basically a way to stretch dough. Today, after we mixed our ingredients together, we stretched and folded one side of our ball of dough, turning it 1/8 of a turn and repeating the stretch and fold maneuver 30 times as our manner of kneading the bread dough. The dough began to change … [Read more…]

I Made Crackers Today

I am attending a Pastor’s Retreat organized by the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of South Dakota at our camp in the Black Hills and the main theme revolves around spiritual lessons we can learn through making bread.

Old Wineskins

I am eagerly waiting for my first crop of grapes that are now starting to turn purple and was reading in Psalm 119 and in verses 82-83 came to: “My eyes long for your promise; I ask, ‘When will you comfort me?’ For I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,” and was curious … [Read more…]

A Simple Exercise in Prayer

The fact that you even care about your prayers is an incredible sign of God’s love for you and desire to bring you close! God has placed in your heart the desire draw before the throne of grace in prayer. Daily praying is a good habit that just needs to be built. You’ve been building … [Read more…]